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Public-Private Partnerships


Cofinimmo contributes to the renovation and improvement of real estate in Belgium via Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). It pursues its policy of participating in PPP by offering public authorities the required financing to renovate or build specific buildings, along with maintenance guarantees.

Cofinimmo’s PPP portfolio comprises several specific assets in operation: a courthouse, a fire station, two police stations, student housing and a prison.

PPP characteristics

  • Public contracts
  • Long-term leases with generally a purchase option
  • Cofinimmo bears no construction risk
  • Cofinimmo is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance until the end of the lease
Court House

Court House

Antwerp - Belgium

The Court of Justice has a total surface of 72,131 m², of which 45,829 m² of office space and hearing rooms, 19,256 m² of technical and archiving rooms and 267 inside parking.

The Court House is a landmark building, designed by the British architect Richard Rogers, who has also designed the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Millenium Dome in London.

Fire Station

Fire Station

Antwerp - Belgium

The complex, which was constructed in two years, comprises the fire station as well as offices for a total of 23,585 m².

The design and specifications were set by the City of Antwerp.

Police Station

Police Station

HEKLA - Belgium

The new Police Station for the HEKLA Zone occupies the building, as well as 90 parking spaces on the site situated at Prins Boudewijnlaan 43 in 2650 Edegem.

During this lease, Cofinimmo takes charge of the maintenance of the roof and façades.

Student residences

Student residences

Brussels - Belgium

Cofinimmo won the contract for “works and services relating to student residence buildings” following the call of tenders by the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB – Brussels University).

It has joined forces for the tender with general contractor CIT Blaton and architects Art & Build.

It will carry out major renovation works on one building and improvements on another building in Brussels. Both buildings are rented for 27 years by the ULB, to whom the full ownership will revert at the end of this long-lease.

Police Station

Police Station

Dendermonde - Belgium

Cofinimmo concluded an agreement with the Cordeel construction group. This PPP has been set up according to the principle of a public development contract. The building will be particularly ecological, attaining an energy level of E12 – K20.

  • Superior-quality insulation
  • Optimum solar protection
  • 100 % automatic ventilation system
  • Ultra-efficient lighting concept with luminosity detection
  • High-performance heating system with heat pump
  • 1,500 m² of photovoltaic solar panels


Leuze-en-Hainaut - Belgium

The Buildings Agency (Belgian State) awarded the consortium Future Prisons, of which Cofinimmo is a part, the public tender drawn up on the basis of the Design-Build-Finance-Maintain model for the building and maintenance of a new prison. This building will be delivered at mid of 2014, attaining an energy performance of E60 – K30.

  • D-type ventilation system with heat recovery
  • Rainwater recovery for sanitary fittings
  • Renewable energy by means of photovoltaic panels